A Smoothie Bowl Addiction

When it comes to health food trends I’ve always been a step behind, so naturally I am just catching on to the acai smoothie bowl. After seeing them all over Instagram and watching my favorite YouTuber’s vlog about them I decided it was time to try my own. It’s only taken a couple at home attempts and a trip to a local juice bar, and I am hooked.img_8450

Since I did not know exactly what I was getting in to when I first attempted a smoothie bowl at home, I decided to use the Sambazon frozen acai packets to get me started. The first time around I just used one packet and almond milk but found that it wasn’t enough and was too thin. Now, I use almond milk, a frozen packet, some extra frozen berries and about half a banana (the other half I cut up and put on top).

My favorite toppings to include are strawberries, blueberries, banana, granola, toasted coconut, and Justin’s vanilla almond butter. On occasion I will switch up toasted coconut for sliced almonds, and use regular peanut butter instead of almond butter. Toppings are really what make the bowl so I like to load them up!


Since trying my first bowl I have started to crave them more and more often. Part of the reason for this is probably because of how tasty they are. Eating a smoothie bowl in the morning feels like eating a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, and honestly who doesn’t want that. I’ve had bowls for both breakfast and lunch and they typically hold me over for a few hours, which surprised me because I doubted that it would be enough.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of places around the Capital Region to get acai bowls, so for now I’ll have to get adventurous and try my own. If anyone knows any great places or recipes please let me know on my Instagram page!



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