Coffee: By Whatever Beans Necessary

According to my 23andMe results, my genetic makeup has made me pre-disposed to be likely to consume more coffee than the average 23andMe customer. Does this really mean anything? No. But it has given me an excuse to rationalize my coffee consumption.

Lorelai Gilmore once said, “I need coffee in an IV”.  Like Lorelai, over time my addiction has grown into the constant, never relenting, need for coffee.  It didn’t start at any one point of time or for any particular reason, but arose gradually over time.  And now we are here in 2018, watching my bank statements dwindle, victim to the ever enticing caramel lattes and iced cold brews of the world.


Enter Wired Coffee Roasters. The family owned coffee company touts a huge distinction: the best nitro cold brew in the country. But is it really the BEST? And what makes it so good? With enough curiosity and a full gas tank in my Honda Civic, I decided to make the 30 minute drive north to Malta to find out if the cold brew fit the bill.

Realistically, I have no authority to determine what is a good coffee. Frequenting Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts doesn’t exactly equip someone with the ability to identify good coffee, and neither would my occasional visits to any number of the (awesome) local shops.

So my authority on the topic remains to be seen, but the nitro cold brew was freaking good.  I’m not one for black coffee, and 9 out of 10 times I would not opt for the cold brew. But something magical happened that Saturday at Wired, and I drank all 24 ounces of my nitro cold brew with no milk and no regrets.

Little did I know I could’ve gotten the same delicious coffee at half the distance with a sister location on Albany Shaker Road, a discovery that has lead to temptation and over caffeination on a few occasions now.

It was to my surprise that my anonymity was broken when the owner approached me as I was wrapping up the blog I was writing. Marty spotted me from the Instagram story I had tagged Wired in and approached me to ask how I liked the coffee. I appreciated the time he and his manager took out of their day to talk with me and tell me their story. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Nitro Cold Brew is STRONG
  • They’re improving. Only recently moved into their new location, the team is still getting into the swing of things. A new chef, plus beer, wine, and a plan for a patio expansion are on the horizon. A great space, about to get even better.
  • There is parking! One of the biggest hurdles with many of the coffee shops in Albany, Troy, and Schenectady is the street parking challenge. Both Wired locations have lots, making them easy and accessible.
  • The service is great. It can be intimidating to go into a coffee place like Wired without a ton of knowledge on coffee, but the team is trained to give the customers exactly what they want with no judgement– a statement directly from the owner himself.

Before I visit a new coffee shop a number of questions flood my mind. Is it going to be overpriced? Are they going to judge me when I ask for a vanilla latte (#basic)? Will they have WiFi or a place to sit? Wired Coffee Roasters checks every box– affordable, comfortable, and tasty. Still skeptical about the best nitro cold brew in the US? Check it out for yourself!


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