Eating With Erin

@erin.eats.upstate started on a cold December night as a procrastination tool to avoid studying for my upcoming finals. Originally branded as @eatingwitherin, the focus has moved to eating Upstate, New York, where I live, explore, and of course eat.

The idea.

Start an Instagram page solely dedicated to food and drink and post images in conjunction with a blog that connected the food and drinks to important moments in my life. While I found that I had more topics to discuss than what I was eating in my blog, Erin Eats Upstate became more of a creative outlet, a documentation of memories, and a way to share a little bit about myself with the world.

The evolution.

As I change, my experiences, or perhaps the lenses through which I view and understand them, evolves too. Erin Eats is not only a way to capture moments and memories as I encounter them, but to share them with others in the hope that as I evolve and explore through food, those who are following along can evolve and explore alongside me.


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