Life with Erin is… interesting. For the most part I live a pretty average life, but I’m on a mission to experience everything I can, so things can get a little interesting.

My name is Erin, as if you haven’t already gathered that. During my time in college I found a passion for advertising and brand strategy. I am an aspiring marketer, amateur chef, and wannabe world traveler, who runs on Dunkin, white wine, and Mexican food. If you want to become my friend instantly, red Starburst, anything Kate Spade, and The Real Housewives (of any city) are among the simple joys in my lifeIn my ideal world I’ll someday be living in an East coast city like D.C. or Boston, working for a company or brand I love.

I’ve been so lucky to do some of the cool things I’ve done, and to go the great places I’ve gone. I never want to forget any of the great experiences I’ve had and will have so my goal is to document it all, but also to share my experiences to help other people experience great places and great food too!

This site is the home to my blog posts, and a link to my Instagram page, Erin Eats Upstate. Give me a follow, @erin.eats.upstate!

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