There is something about food that unites people. No matter where you come from, how old you are, or what you do for a living, there is one thing we all have in common and that is this little thing called food. Erin Eats Upstate started as Eating With Erin, an Instagram account and blog dedicated to all of the places and meals I experienced. It’s meant to be a platform to share these experiences with other people.

When I settled back in my hometown of Albany, New York after being away at college, I transitioned to Erin Eats Upstate. Moving back to the place I lived as a kid all grown up had given me a new perspective. Seeing and enjoying all that Upstate New York had to offer inspired me to use this platform to share it with the world, and I am excited to see how this Erin Eats will evolve in the next chapter of my life.

In my life food has always been present. As a young girl I enjoyed cooking with my dad and even am the proud owner of my very own pink chef jacket. Today, while I still enjoy cooking I am always pursing the newest restaurant, food trend, and local brewery.

Outside of Erin Eats Upstate, I am a marketer,  wannabe world traveler, who runs on Dunkin, Mexican food, and can often be found with a bottle of seltzer water nearby. If you want to become my friend instantly, red Starburst, anything Kate Spade, and The Real Housewives (of any city) are among the simple joys in my life

I’ve been so lucky to do some of the cool things I’ve done, and to go the great places I’ve gone. I never want to forget any of the great experiences I’ve had, and will have, so my goal is to document it all, and to share my experiences to help other people find great places and great food too!

This site is the home to my blog posts, and a link to my Instagram page, Erin Eats Upstate. Give me a follow, @erin.eats.upstate!

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