A Brief Breakdown of All Things Troy

I’m often asked for restaurant recommendations, and often find myself offering unsolicited suggestions as well. What can I say, I get excited. My mission has always been to find the best places for every occasion and when my co-worker put in her notice at work and announced she would be working in Troy my first instinct was to immediately start spouting restaurants.

I quickly realized that perhaps there was a better way to share my favorite Troy spots than to bombard my friend with a hundred suggestions she would never remember. So here is a comprehensive breakdown of my favorites (so far).

When You Want Some BBQ: If I am being brutally honest, the actual barbecue at Dinosaur is not the star. It’s the sauce (which you can buy at the grocery store, my favorite is Wango Tango) and the sides (get the mac and cheese) that deserve the notoriety. That being said, if you were looking for something to truly get your hands dirty, get the chicken wings. They are deliciously flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

When You Want Beer: If you’re looking for a pint, your first stop should be Rare Form Brewing Company. The small tap room on Congress Street is the perfect spot to pre-game dinner or post-game the Saturday Waterfront Farmer’s Market. Honorable mention for the newly opened Shmaltz Tasting Room but the winner has to go to the Troy native, Rare Form.

When You Want Beer (& FOOD): Brown’s Brewing Co. is known for great beer, great food, and one of the best outdoor patios in the Capital Region. My favorite? The buffalo cauliflower appetizer and a flight of brews. But if you had to try one, grab a pint of the oatmeal stout!


When You Want A Coffee: I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t intimidated when I first arrived at Superior Merchandise Company. Old Erin would’ve turned around and left. Actually, Old Erin probably wouldn’t have even walked in. But there was no reason to feel intimidated. Superior Merch has a friendly staff, delicious coffee, a beautiful patio, and avocado toast that is to die for.

When You Want To Be Healthy: Liza’s of Troy grew out of their small space on Broadway in just a short few months and graduated to bigger and better things on 3rd Street. Liza’s notoriety comes mostly from the massive acai bowls and smoothies, but the menu also boasts brunch, sweet potato toast, healthy bite size snacks, and coffee. Honorable mention goes to the Juice Factory VII (I’ve never been, but it deserves a fair shot).


When You Want A Quiet Date Night: Exposed brick and candlelight make Lucas Confectionery the epitome of date night. Enjoy a luxurious wine list with a plate of charcuterie or a decadent slice of chocolate cake. Looking for a brunch date instead? Head on over to Lucas’ neighbor, Little Pecks.

When You Want A Loud Date Night: Franklin Alley Social Club is a hidden gem. With arcade games and shuffle board, this basement bar is full of life, complete with bright cocktails and brews.


When You Have A Sweet Tooth: There is nothing better than an ice cream cone and there is only one spot in Troy that comes to mind: The Dutch Udder. Rotating flavors of craft ice cream, root beer on tap for a delicious float, and a selection of cones from the Konery makes The Dutch Udder a must see for a sweet treat.


When You Want A Cocktail With Dinner: Go to The Shop on a Monday and take advantage of their weekly moscow mule special. Or go on any other night of the week and take your pick from a long list of cocktails. Order the tex-mex poutine and you won’t regret it.

When You Want Something Different: Almost every restaurant in Troy is niche or maybe even a little hipster, but if you’re looking for something outside your normal menu, choose Tara Kitchen. The Schenectady-based restaurant opened its second location on River Street in Troy and continues to serve up an amazing array of moroccan cuisine.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.06.45 PM

When You Want Korean: Sunhee’s Farm and Kitchen is the perfect spot for someone who’s looking to try Korean but not quite ready for the full monty at a place like Namu in Colonie. Sunhee’s is also the perfect spot for someone looking for farm-to-table food, with the ingredients coming from a farm in Cambridge, New York. If you’re looking for something a little faster, check out K-plate BBQ. For a first timer, I would recommend the bulgolgi.

When You’re Craving A Quesadilla: There aren’t many places in the Capital Region that specialize in Quesadillas. In fact, there may only be one and it’s Muddaddy Flats on 3rd Street. Did you even know a Quesadillary was a thing? You do now!


When You Want A Drink Outside: All year round you can drink outside in The Hill at Muza’s well kept beer garden. With portable heaters in the winter and fans in the summer, you’ll never have a bad time, but if you want to avoid the weather extremes you can belly up to the indoor bar. Hungry? Go downstairs to Muza for polish classics like pierogis, or stay upstairs at The Hill for a selection of euro-american fusion.

This is just the beginning of the good #eeeeeats in Troy, but it’s a good start for anyone who’s a little bit hungry, and hopefully after this you’re set to #enjoytroy.

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  1. Daniel B. says:

    Love this list! If you haven’t been to Plumb lately, I’ve got to put in a plug for their cocktail program, since now they have Emmanuel Treski behind the stick.

    Don’t know him by name? You may know him by sight. Or from his reputation. Here’s a little bio from teh internets: http://www.cookiesforkidscancer.org/GetInvolved/Chef4KidsNYC/abnmlje/Emmanuel%20RE%20Treski?g=20170216


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