Erin Eats Nashville

Weeks before I touched down in Nashville, Tennessee, I had already prepared an itinerary the was largely composed of restaurants and bars. When I walked off the plane I had four days, an empty stomach, and a lot of ground to cover. *Fair warning this blog will cover 4 full days of eating and drinking…

Upstate Meets Charlotte

Brunch & beer were pretty much staples during my recent visit to Charlotte, North Carolina. A city rapidly growing, with construction going on in every neighborhood, Charlotte is packed full of transplanted young twenty-somethings and bustling breweries. I guess you could say I fit right in.

Upstate Hits Dallas

Hey Y’all! I know, it’s a cliche way to start a blog about my recent trip to Texas, but after spending just 4 days in the Big D I have already caught myself using Y’all in regular conversation. In case you missed it on my Instagram, I was in Dallas for a few days during…

Canadian Bacon Has A Real Name

It was a hot day. The kind of hot where there is not one cloud in the sky and the sun pierces your skin from the moment you walk out the door. It was an unfamiliar city. The kind where the currency was different and a passport was required.