172 Minutes Spent Figuring Out What To Eat

There are hundreds of restaurants within decent driving distance from wherever I am at any given time. I mean of course that the options are plentiful, whether I am at work, home, or out and about. Despite my lengthy list of restaurants to visit, and my relatively laid back palate, even I succumb to the age old question of what should we have for dinner.

Last weekend’s journey to dinner ended up being a series of unfortunate events. It all started on Friday night, where the original plan was to eat in Saratoga at 2West Bar & Grill. But about halfway there I had suddenly remembered that I wanted to feature Innovo Kitchen on my blog. My boyfriend was a fan of this change and turned the car around toward Latham, what would become the first grave error of the night.

What Could’ve Been At Innovo Kitchen

After a series of long waits, and regretfully shaking our heads, reservation-less and nearly an hour later, we finally landed at Brick House Tavern and Tap with a 20 minute wait ahead of us. A disappointing meal after an evening spent mostly in the car, my Friday night proves that no matter who you are, not every meal can be picture perfect.

The Best Part Of Our Meal at Brick House

On Saturday, I fell victim to a similar fate. Some would say it was self inflicted torture, deciding on Druthers, knowing full well it’s guaranteed to be busy on a Saturday night. But we called ahead and they said there was no wait. Of course, 20 minutes later the wait for a table was over an hour long. Despite this unfortunate situation, this time around the backup plan was much more effective.

Once you’ve been hungry driving, an extra 10 minutes really doesn’t make much of a difference. So instead of running into a bunch of long waits in Albany, we went up the road and across the river,  immediately getting seated at Brown’s Brewing.

The BEST fries and buffalo chicken wrap at Brown’s

The moral of the story is sometimes a bad 1st choice leads to something better, and sometimes… it doesn’t. Life happens while we are busy figuring out where to eat, so at the end of the day if it isn’t exactly what you wanted that’s okay. There’s always next weekend 😉

P.S. If you want to see the hits (and sometimes the misses) make sure you’re following erin.eats.upstate on Instagram.



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