A Quick & Easy Recap of Blogmas So Far


We’re more than halfway to Christmas and blogmas is in full swing. Have you been keeping up? Here’s a quick recap of all the posts so far.


Day 1: Current Coffee Roasters bringing real coffee for real causes to the Capital Region.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.26.01 PM

Day 2: New Albany restaurant The Cuckoo’s Nest serves up the best southern comfort downtown.


Day 3: There’s a never ending supply of good eats in Troy, New York.


Day 4: Upstate is great, but there’s a lot to see (and eat) out east in Boston.


Day 5: Winter restaurant week was in full swing, and I went fishin’ for the best deals.


Day 6: Chocolate frosting is a gift to this earth, and sweet treats with sprinkles on top are pretty good too.


Day 7: Pizza.img_4086

Day 8: The calories are worth it when the doughnut tastes this good.


Day 9: Ice cold, but heart warming, ice cream is always a good idea.


Day 10: Name a better time to indulge on a whole bunch of chili than a snowy Saturday in Schenectady.


Day 11: Noodles come in all shapes and sizes. Every one of them delicious.


Day 12: Mex-i-can I have more?


Day 13: If you ever find yourself a little hungry, Albany has got it all.

Happy Blogmas everyone! Make sure you’re following along on Instagram.


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