Pizza My Heart


There is something special about pizza. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, making it a nearly universally satisfying meal. Living in New York, even Upstate, means that we’ve been blessed in the pizza department. It’s well known that New York pizza is the best pizza in the world, but we’ve been taught that the best slices come from New York City. If you’re reading this from Upstate New York you know that we’re very different from the Big Apple, but one similarity remains– we have great pizza, too.

Generally I try to eat from local joints, avoiding the Domino’s and Pizza Huts of the world. There are too many local pizza places to name, but here are a few noteworthy ones.

Perreca’s Bakery is known for it’s bread, but lesser known for the food offered in the restaurant next door. More Perreca’s offers a delicious brunch, lunch, and dinner menu. Famous items include eggs in purgatory and tomato pie, but the coal fired personal pizza is savory, freshly made, and only $10 at lunch!


Firestone 151 is a bar and restaurant with three staple menu items– wings, burgers, and pizza. Mix and match your favorite ingredients to create the perfect masterpiece. My perfect pie includes quite the controversial topping, black olives.


It took me a while to order the pizza at Druthers Brewing Co. because there are always so many different menu items to try. When I finally did, I ordered the mexican street corn pizza, a summer staple at the Saratoga brewery. If you didn’t know, both Albany and Saratoga have seasonal menus that differ slightly so be sure to look ahead online to see what’s on the pizza menu this month.


I know I said I prefer locals to chains, but if I had to choose one it would be Blaze Pizza. I first discovered Blaze in Maryland during my summer interning in D.C. and was so excited to see that it would soon be opening in Albany and Schenectady. Flash forward to present day and I still am a big fan of Blaze. Pro tip- arugula on your pizza is actually really, really good.


Centre Street Pub, home to my favorite Tuesday night Trivia, has a rather eclectic menu. A mix of burgers and sandwiches with pierogis and poutine thrown in, the pizza is the most consistent menu item there is. Order the buffalo chicken and come hungry or share with the table. Be prepared, the pizza may be round, but it doesn’t come cut in traditional triangles.


This list only touches the surface of pizza in the Capital Region, but if there is one thing for certain, there’s no shortage of options around here. What’s your favorite pizza topping? Let me know in the comments and as always, follow along on Instagram!



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