Under The Sea For Saratoga Restaurant Week

Eating out is not economical. I realize this each and every time I check my bank statement. Yet this expensive hobby of mine is one I will not kick. That being said, I do try to experience restaurants in the cheapest way possible, getting little tastes here and there at food festivals and events like Chowderfest and Wing Walk.  On December 1st Saratoga Restaurant Week started, so I took this opportunity to take a bite out of Fish at 30 Lake.

The traditional menu at Fish is, not surprisingly, full of fresh seafood.  With dishes like Seafood Fra Diavlo and Ahi Tuna Nachos remaining steady across the seasons, the menu also adapts to provide the freshest ocean to table meals.

During restaurant week there is a special three course menu to choose from. Among the three choices for appetizers, there was no wrong answer. Choices included warm quinoa salad, panko crusted crab cake, and smoked poblano and shrimp soup. I ordered the soup and it was arguably the best part of the night, that is of course, second to my cranberry vanilla moscow mule.

When I first looked up the menu online my initial intent was to order the pan seared scallop gnocchi. As usual, my indecisiveness got the best of me and I quickly became conflicted. Instead of ordering the gnocchi, I opted for something I knew I would never make on my own: the paella skillet. The skillet came out piping hot, and my tongue is still recovering tonight, but I couldn’t wait even one second to dig into a plate full of little neck clams, scallops, Alaskan cod, Spanish chorizo, chicken, calamari, and saffron rice. At the end of the day it wasn’t the best paella I’ve ever had- I felt like something was missing- but perhaps it was simply because my heart was set on the gnocchi.

The restaurant week meals are portioned a bit smaller than average, but with reason as a 3 course meal is incredibly filling (though the before dinner flatbread and ricotta-whipped butter may have played a role in this). Although I would’ve preferred something chocolate-y to round out the night, the caramel apple budino and vanilla ice cream was a satisfyingly light, sweet treat.

For a full 3 course meal I only spent $30, not including my $9 cocktail. In comparison, my friend ordered a regular menu entree for $28. This is what I would consider a bargain. It’s not too late to dine during restaurant week! Check out the participating lunch and dinner restaurants here.


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